Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Fluid Pressure Introduction

The next major concepts that we will discuss as far as fluid mechanics goes are related to pressure in fluids. So as a brief introduction and my final post for today, I leave you with a few terms more pressure-related terms to remember for our future discussions on the topic.

pressure - in a stagnant fluid, pressure is defined as the normal force (force perpendicular to the fluid surface) divided by the area over which the force is acting on (similar to the definition of shear stress)

atmospheric pressure - pressure of the atmosphere in a given location

absolute pressure
- exact pressure of a fluid in a given location relative to a vacuum

gage pressure - relative pressure of a fluid in a given location; the pressure that a pressure gage inserted into the fluid would read at a given location

absolute pressure = gage pressure + atmospheric pressure


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