Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MrsDrPoe: New Beginnings Take II

Well hello! I must say that my attempt at blogging last year was...utterly disastrous. So I am pleased to announce my desire to start over in earnest. I'll be sharing more of my story as I go along, but here is a quick preview of me, my family and my plans for the direction of this blog.

I am Mrs. Dr. Poe...almost. In approximately 1 year, I will present my Dissertation in hopes of obtaining my PhD in mechanical engineering from the best university ever ;). Please note that, while my husband is also a mechanical engineer, he is not a doctor; I have chosen to write my name in such a manner so as to remember my priorities - first to my family and then to my job. My research is in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). If that scares you, then don't tune in on Tuesdays. Just kidding...

I live in the lovely city of Atlanta, which I am still getting used to. I am a new testament Christian, which you will also hear more about if you stick with me. I have been blessed with a lovely four-member family and a continually growing extended family...of which I have no pictures to show due to the theft of my computer when we came to visit Atl the first time. But again, if you stick with me, I promise there will be many pictures to come. (I really do sound like a politician...making all these promises with a not-so-hot track record already...)

There are about a million things I enjoy doing other than the previously mentioned Bible study, time with my family and research. My current projects involve tending a miniature garden on my patio, knitting various baby gift items, couponing, and catching up on some reading. I also enjoy cooking, sewing, painting, writing poetry, etc. What? I dabble. My hubby enjoys running, working with his hands, dreaming about the FSAE days, and working on cars.

It is on the current goings on of our lives that I plan to bring you, the avid reader, stories each weekday. Since I'm a very busy woman and I <3 organization, I have sketched out an idea for the flow of my blog:

Money Saving Monday - I will discuss the latest couponing conquests
Thesis Tuesday - I will update on my dissertation progress/educate in CFD
What's for dinner Wednesday - I will log a new or favorite recipe we've tried
Theology Thursday - I will journal about my Bible reading for the week
Foto Friday - I will post pix and discuss progress on current hobby projects

Before I end this new beginning, I'd like to make a few disclaimers. First, the above flow may not work out, and I reserve the right to change it (please don't be disappointed). Second, I love alliteration (despite the fact that I'm a math person and not an english person), so please excuse any misspellings etc. above. Third, I may post more/less frequently depending on my I said before, I am a very busy woman! Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to your comments as we move forward!


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