Thursday, May 26, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Summer Bible Reading Challenge

I'd like to start this Theology Thursday off with a challenge that was presented to us by a friend of ours, Mr. Ellis (more on him later). Daily Bible reading is very important to our faith as Christians...after all, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" Rom 10:17. In an effort to help us to develop this habit, here are three different challenges:

The Gospels Challenge - by just reading a single chapter a day, you can read through all four gospels this summer. Here is a chart to help you track your progress*:

The New Testament Challenge - by reading three chapters a day, you can read the entire New Testament this summer. Here is the progress chart for this challenge*:

The Whole Bible Challenge - by reading thirteen chapters a day (on average), you can read through the entire Bible this summer! Here is the chart to help you keep up with your progress*:

*Click on the charts to enlarge them. The last one in particular is difficult to read as-is.

Mr. Ellis encourages readers to find three things in every day's reading: something new, your favorite part, and a practical application. He also suggests that readers journal, underline, and/or highlight as we read.

The thought is that each of us should choose a plan that challenges us without overwhelming us. If you're just starting to read your Bible daily, choose the first plan; if you're already reading daily, challenge yourself by increasing the amount you read through the second or third plans. I hope that this challenge can help encourage and strengthen you this summer!


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