Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Ms. Ledbury

Good morning all! For today's edition of Poes' Pals, I introduce you to...Ms. Ledbury:

Although we have not known Ms. Ledbury as long as we have known most of the friends that have been featured so far in this segment, it truly seems like we have. We first met her when she visited the land of the Bulldogs to check out the mechanical engineering PhD program. Ms. Ledbury had graduated at the top of her class from the University of Memphis a few years prior and was debating whether or not to return to the wonderful world of college.

When Ms. Ledbury decided that she would indeed join our ranks at State, we were exceedingly happy. Since that time, she has successfully completed her first year of the direct-to-PhD program, scoring amazingly well on her qualifying exams. We have been particularly impressed with her drive, especially having been out of school for a while.

During the overlap of our years in Starkville, we had the privilege of not only visiting with Ms. Ledbury on campus, but also visiting in her home and worshiping with her regularly. Her hospitality and kindness are truly obvious, even to those who know her even a short while. She is always quick to offer whatever service she can provide, and we certainly do miss her!


  1. I happen to agree with your introduction to "Ms. Ledbury." Although, I've known her a TAD bit longer - closer to 20 years now I believe. :) She was truly blessed during your overlap there, and everyone there misses y'all greatly.

  2. @Beverly Yep, I'd say you've know her a bit longer than we have ;), and we were definitely blessed by those in Starkville as well!