Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Quesadillas

It's another Whats for Dinner Wednesday here at the blog.  Tonight, I'll be sharing with you another recipe that does double duty as one of Mr. Poe's favorite dishes and as something quick and easy for a Wednesday night meal.

Ingredients: burrito-size flour tortillas, cheese, cooked and shredded chicken, jalapenos (optional), and tomatoes (not pictured, optional).

On one half of the open tortilla layer cheese, chicken, and veggies:

Fold the tortilla in half, and carefully place it in a George Foreman type grill, closing the lid OR on a hot skillet or grill pan on the stove-top.  After the cheese starts to ooze out just a bit, put the quesadilla on a plate, and cut it into four wedges with a pizza cutter or knife:

Serve with a huge dollop of sour cream and plenty of salsa.  Enjoy!


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