Friday, December 9, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Weather Outside is Frightful...

As you know, it's been cold recently.  This Foto Friday, I'd like to show you how the girls deal with the 'frightful weather'...

aren't they so cute in their scarves and hats?  Hope you all are staying warm!


  1. Hello!
    Sweet girls in their scarves and hats. I forgot to come and visit your photo last week because you didn't tweet about it! This week when you didn't, I came looking for your #TFotoFri pics. Hope you are having a great holiday season and that you get a nice break from studies.


  2. @Denise Krebs Thanks for checking up on me! I've had some difficulties paired with some busy weeks recently, so I have had to schedule posts in advance and haven't been able to publicize as much. Hopefully Santa will bring me some more time for Christmas! ;)