Friday, January 13, 2012

MrsDrPoe: House Progress, Week 2

As promised last Foto Friday, here's our house progress after the second week:

Kitchen** - walls finished, bead board finished, outlet covers put back, fan painted*, curtains received, curtain rods painted
Sunroom - fan painted*
Living Room** - fan painted*
Entry - walls finished, outlet covers put back on
Dining Room** - walls finished, outlet covers put back on, curtains received, curtain rods painted
1/2 Bath - walls finished, hardware painted, light fixture painted

We still have the floor and a few small things to do downstairs (**in these rooms), so I won't show you any finished pictures of these areas until the remodeling is complete...but the 1/2 bath is finished for now with it's tan walls and new grey hardware (though in the years to come we hope to tile and revamp the vanity):

*As Mama Poe can attest, when our house was built, brass was the thing to have...everywhere.  It is literally on every light fixture, door knob, etc. in our house, and I strongly dislike it.  After successfully defeating the brass in the 1/2 bath with a trusty can of spray paint, I decided to wage war on our ceiling fans:

While perhaps not the ideal solution, this idea was definitely an inexpensive fix until we can afford something a little more modern.  I love that the all-white fan against the white ceiling is much less obtrusive than the shiny brass.

Do It Yourself Tips: 
-First clean and dust the fan parts, and sand shiny surfaces with a fine grit sand paper (320ish).  
-If possible, remove the fan from the ceiling and disassemble before painting; however, painting the fixture while it's intact is do-able.
-Have mineral spirits or paint thinner on hand for cleanup.
-Apply paint in several thin coats to avoid drips. 


  1. You are going to town! I love the spray painted ceiling fans. I guess I've never heard of that or seen it done. I love the helpful hints too. This is a very helpful post!


    1. Thanks! Slowly but surely we're getting things done! The house is taking much of my spare time these days, but thankfully it's giving me some good Foto Friday material. ;)

  2. Great idea! We are renting a house right now that has brass fixtures that scald your eyes! Why did we ever think that was a good idea?

    1. Who knows? But I can almost 100% guarantee that the fashion powers that be will decide in the next couple of decades that brass should be "in" again. :p