Friday, January 20, 2012

MrsDrPoe: House Progress, Week 3

It's another Foto Friday here on the blog!  Here's our remodeling progress from this week:

Living Room: fireplace grate painted black
Kitchen: hung curtains, tested painting the kitchen hardware
Dining Room: hung curtains, painted fan
Stairwell: removed all the super-high wall paper
Spackled: all upstairs closets and bedrooms
Painted: all light fixtures in office, baby room, guest room, and hallway

We still haven't totally finished a room (sadly), so I thought it might be more beneficial to you readers out there if I shared some more do-it-yourself tips.  Today's topic: the oft necessary pre-painting task of Spackling.

Upon close investigation of most of the rooms in our place, we found all kinds of holes in all kinds of places where things have been previously hung.  We didn't want to keep them, so Mr. Poe sent me about with trowel and Spackle in hand.

Step 1: Carefully inspect the wall for holes:

Step 1.5: If the hole has a fuzzy-looking portion of drywall sticking out, lightly tap the drywall into the hole with the trowel handle (you may enlarge the hole slightly, but this will make for a smoother finished surface).  If the hole happens to have a plastic screw anchor in it, firmly but gently pull out the anchor with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

Step 2: Apply the Spackle over the hole using a trowel.  Be sure to start with a small mound of the compound on the tool and 'push' it into the hole (as opposed to smearing it or spreading it):

Step 3: Run the smooth side of the trowel across the wall over the hole and surrounding areas 1-2 times in order to smooth it:

Step 4: Let the Spackle dry for the recommended period of time before sanding the area with a light grit sandpaper (320ish) and then wiping the entire wall down with a cleaning solution:

Happy Spackling!


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