Friday, May 11, 2012

MrsDrPoe: Our Mother's Day Surprise

It's another Foto Friday on the blog!  As you know, Sunday is Mother's day, but since we're having the youth forum this weekend, we had to go visit our parents last weekend to give them our Mother's day surprise...

That's right!  Mr. Poe and I are pregnant!  Yesterday was 14 weeks.  Here's the Poe-let at 8 weeks:

We were so happy to be able to tell most of our immediate family in person, and everyone is just as excited as we are!  We even got our first presents...a baby food maker and money toward a crib...

We are so tremendously blessed, and so extremely thankful!


  1. So excited for you!! We got a baby food maker too!! :)

    1. Thanks! Do you like yours? Even though it'll be almost a year before I can use it regularly, I plan to experiment with it next week. :)