Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MrsDrPoe: The Fleet Street Murders

The most recent book club book I've had the pleasure of reading is "The Fleet Street Murders" by Charles Finch:

I love a good mystery, and since I haven't read a new one in years, this one took me right back to my childhood days of curling up in bed with a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys adventure.  

"The Fleet Street Murders" did not disappoint; in fact, I couldn't put it down.  While it's the third installment in Finch's series about the amateur sleuth, Charles Lenox, the book is very capable of standing alone.  The late 1800's English setting was an interesting and enjoyable backdrop for the story; I appreciated that a few of the restaurants mentioned actually exist.  The plot keeps you guessing, and at the end everything is resolved quickly.    

There is a very small bit of language in the book (if I remember correctly), which it could've done without.  Also not having read the previous two works in the series, I can't tell you if any of the information present in them would add more to the development of the characters in this book.  Even so, I would definitely recommend "The Fleet Street Murders," and I am looking forward to being able to read more of the adventures of Charles Lenox.


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