Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Hopeful Parenting

Good morning all! Today for my latest reading review, I present to you...David Jeremiah's "Hopeful Parenting: Encouragement for Raising Kids Who Love God":

Let me being the review by stating that as far as we know, Mr. Poe and I are NOT currently pregnant. I picked this book up (for 70% off) shopping with Mama Poe while the menfolk were painting the truck. Mr. Poe and I have raised some decent fuzzy-children (if I do say so myself), but we have no experience with know, the kind with souls. In light of that fact, I am slowly trying to read up on the subject.

"Hopeful Parenting" is an easy read full of encouragement and advice on raising godly children. I greatly appreciated the fact that Mr. Jeremiah includes some suggestions for showing love to our children, helping our boys become "courageous Daniels" and helping our girls become "faith-filled Esthers," among other things. I have found that too often books with the word "encouragement" in the title lack substance, filling the pages with fluffy, repetitive, feel-good stories.

This book emphasizes both the blessings and challenges of being a parent. It also enforces how a parent's behavior influences a child and that a solid, Christ-centered marriage greatly aids in the construction of a godly home. The reading of "Hopeful Parenting" helped to renew my desire to grow in love for God and in knowledge of His word- it reminded me that not only is this growth, this seeking pleasing to the Lord, but it also can have an impact on the spiritual lives of those around us (like our children).

I have two negative comments about the work. First is the information in the chapter on the benefits on having a Christian home. I felt like this chapter emphasized worldly things (health, wealth, instilling responsibility, long-life, perpetuation of traditions) more than it emphasized spiritual things (pleasing God, adding more servants to His kingdom, etc.)

The second is that some of the views expressed in the book are not in accordance with my understanding of what the Bible teaches (not that my understanding is perfect). With that in mind, I would like to make the typical disclaimer about any books I read related to any aspect of Christianity - they should be read with an open Bible (God's instruction manual for living godly lives and raising godly families) and should not be set above or equal to scripture.

Do you have any parenting book suggestions?


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