Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Lukes

For this installment of Poes' Pals, I'm cheating in that these friends are also family. Please meet...the Lukes:

Mrs. Luke is my younger sister, so obviously I've known her my entire life. I've known Mr. Luke for many, many years as well, since before they started dating. The Lukes and I went on many a band trip together in high school, and our friendship continued to grow when we all entered into various engineering programs at Mississippi State. When Mr. Poe joined the party, the four of us worked together as members of a co-ed honor fraternity, and we occasionally went out on double dates. I also worked with Mr. Luke for several years and lived with Mrs. Luke and Mr. Fargus for a while at school.

Mr. Fargus is an Australian shepherd mix. He acts like a grumpy old man, except when his Mommy's around. He loves to go on walks and to eat doggie ice cream (blueberry vanilla is his favorite flavor). He also enjoys taking up the majority of the bed or couch or whatever he may be sitting on, and he hates when people mess with his tail. He's a good boy, and he looks out for his Mom.

The human Lukes are great people. We love their company and enjoy hanging out with them very much. Mrs. Luke is one of the most intelligent and hard working people that I know. She graduated with a 4.0 in Biological Engineering at MSU and is currently working on her DVM. Mr. Luke is also super intelligent and an extremely genuine person. He is currently working on his masters in material science. They work wonderfully together and compliment each other nicely.

On January 1, 2011 and after 6.5 years of dating, the Lukes were wed in North Carolina. Mr. Poe and I were very thankful to be part of the beautiful ceremony. It's hard not living right across town from them like we did when we were all undergraduates, but we definitely enjoy getting to see them whenever we can!


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