Friday, July 8, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Visit to Raleigh

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I was able to journey to Raleigh to visit with the Lukes over the fourth of July. We had many adventures that I photographed specifically to share with you folks on this Foto Friday. I hope you enjoy!

The first time we took Mr. Fargus out for a walk, I was reminded of Mr. Poe because of this cool Lotus in the Lukes' neighborhood:

Thursday evening Mrs. Luke and I went on a bike ride along the Greenway Trails:

We saw miles of such beautiful scenery- it was hard to believe that we were in the middle of the capitol city!

Friday evening we went out for a dessert of pie after dinner at Piebird:

We got slices of honey and sea salt, bananas in pajamas, and apricot and coconut crumble pies to share between the three of us. The pies were fantastic, but the to-go service was definitely not.

On a couple of evenings, we played Crash Bandicoot...the only video game that Mrs. Luke and I are any good at. Of course, Mr. Luke plays like a champ, and we spent most of our time watching him:

Saturday, we ate lunch at Chubby's Tacos, which was very tasty. It reminded me of Moe's, except it was more "authentic Mexican" and the burritos were even bigger:

The three of us split a meal: the burrito, two servings of beans, and one serving of chips, and it was the perfect amount. I would definitely recommend visiting one if you're in the Raleigh/Durham area!

Following lunch, we went to various portions of the NC State campus so I could see where the Lukes spend their time...the CVM with its multitude of skeletons (like this giraffe's):

Centennial Campus:

And of course, the football stadium:

Mama and Papa Wolgemuth and Mr. Wolgemuth (Mrs. Luke's and my parents and brother) arrived later that night to join in the festivities. Sunday afternoon, we went back to NC State to visit main campus, where Papa Wolgemuth worked on his masters in forestry management (with a minor in soils). We talked in the wolf ears, visited the technology room in the library, and walked through the Free Expression Tunnel:

We also had a fantastic dinner at Assaggio's Italian Bistro later than night. Monday, Mama and Papa Wolgemuth and I went to the capitol building:

for a tour of the grounds, some music, and some history exhibits. We also went on a trolley tour of downtown Raleigh where we saw a ton of beautiful historic houses and buildings, like the house of Col. Heck:

Following the tour, we drove around Mama and Papa Wolgemuth's old haunts, including the apartment they lived in while they were there, which was also my first home:

The evening concluded with a nice dinner of Brats and Secretariat, courtesy of the Lukes. It was a very lovely visit. The only thing that could've made it any better is if Mr. Poe and the girls could've joined us!

What exciting things did you do over the holiday weekend?


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