Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Ms. Looney

For the next installment of Poes' Pals, I'd like to introduce you to our friend...Ms. Looney:

Unlike her name might suggest, Ms. Looney is not crazy. She is, however, a very kind, intelligent, and godly woman. We met her during our time at State when she came to services with another friend of ours. Our friendship has grown over the years; although, I wish we could've spent more time together in Starkville.

One of my favorite memories of Ms. Looney is from the summer I started a knitting circle with all the young women of the local congregation. Of all the ladies that came, I think Ms. Looney is the only one who continued knitting after the summer ended. She was quick to pick up the art, and, although her projects began with scarves, they increasingly grew in difficulty.

Knitting is certainly not all Ms. Looney is about, though. Whenever a Bible study, singing, or general get-together with Christians is happening (and her busy schedule allows it), Ms. Looney is there. She's quick to invite others to Bible studies too- both with the congregation and the Holley's Luke study. Not only that, but she just finished her masters degree in Speech Pathology from the Mississippi University for Women, and with her degree, I know she will help lots of folks in a way that few others could.

We miss Ms. Looney and the rest of the gang from Starkville, and highly suggest that if you're ever near the area, you pop in for a visit!


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