Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Granthams

Welcome to another edition of Poes' Pals here on the blog!  Today I'd like to share with you some new friends of ours, the Granthams:

If you're a frequent reader, these faces may look familiar to you- Mr. Poe and I attended a Braves game with these folks several weeks ago.  While we did know the Granthams before the game, we had only met them for the first time a few short months ago when we moved.  They are one of many young married couples that are members at Embry Hills as well as avid University of Kentucky fans, which, though perhaps not ideal, is much more tolerable than being a fan of Ole Miss or Auburn (we're not hatin'...just keepin' it real).

Originally from Tennessee, Mrs. Grantham now works in the metro-Atlanta area as a dental hygienist.  She is a fantastic cook who makes one killer cheesecake.  Mr. Grantham LOVES cheesecake and works at CNN.  He also knows every sport stat in existence (it seems like it at least), and he gets great pleasure from scaring his wife.  As Mrs. Grantham and I frequently joke about, we are very quiet and shy when compared with our husbands.  Like Mr. Poe, Mr. Grantham never finds himself short on conversation material; he is very animated and employs fantastically hilarious impressions sprinkled throughout.  When the menfolk get going, the four of us often find ourselves closing down the church building.

Joking aside, the Granthams are a great encouragement to us in their devotion to the Lord and service to the church.  Both try very hard to be good examples, particularly in the areas of teaching and hospitality.  Each works to do his/her part to serve the congregation, helping where, when, and in whatever way is needed and ensuring that all are included.

This post wouldn't be complete without at least mentioning the Granthams' two furry babies- Penny (a cat) and Lou (a dog)- both of which are exceptionally cute and have very funny personalities.