Friday, September 9, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Joys of Football Season

It's Foto Friday once again, and today I'd like to share some pictures with you from the start of football season!

Last Thursday, Mississippi State played our season opener against the Memphis tigers.  Mr. Poe and I had to go to out to watch it, but it's just not the same watching on TV as it is in person.  See:

(If we look younger, it's because this picture was taken at an MSU game right after we started dating...6 years ago.)  State put the hurt on Memphis, in case you didn't see the score- 59-14, with Vick Ballard racking up 3 touchdowns and 166 yards in 10 carries.

Saturday Penn State dominated Indiana State (41-7); although, we didn't watch the game because we were busy helping Ms. Bobbitt put on a tailgate for the Bama-Kent State game.  There was a wonderfully delicious spread of goodies:

...that accompanied the 48-7 creaming of Kent State.  Ah yes, it was a great start to the season!  I must say, however, that I am only partially looking forward to tomorrow's matches- State has a tough match-up against Auburn, which should make for a good game, but Bama and Penn State face-off, which means Mr. Poe and I will be a house divided.

To all my readers who are football fans: what games are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. I am an Iowa State fan looking forward to the Iowa-Iowa State game in Ames.

    I saw your blog on the #fotofriday twitter feed. I've just started posting a photo on Friday with this post. This will be a fun way to see more interesting blogs!

    Thanks for sharing your football fotos!

  2. @Denise Krebs A "Foto Friday Challenge"- what a great idea!