Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MrsDrPoe: A Place to Stand

For my next Reading Review, I present "A Place to Stand: Apologetics in an Uncertain Age." This work is a compilation of the 1999 Florida College Annual Lectures:

This book is a medium-level read; some of the lectures employ terms that, although they are well defined, are a bit daunting if you're not as familiar with them. A wide range of topics are covered dealing with apologetics- miracles, faith, the resurrection of Christ, the existence of evil, the historical accuracy of the Bible, etc.

Though these lectures were all written from a believer's perspective, I think they make valid arguments against the assertions presented by modernists, post-modernists and the like. A myriad of scriptures, as well as external sources are sited in these works, directing readers who may want to examine the issues discussed more thoroughly. It is obvious that the men who contributed to this work have done their research and truly believe in the message they are preaching. I really enjoyed reading sermons in this manner, with access to both the entire sermon and the references; I felt like I could take my time and fully digest more of the material than I typically do just listening to them.

I don't really have any negative comments about the book; however, as always, I recommend reading with an open Bible. No book, article, sermon, etc. should ever be a replacement for the word of God.


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