Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MrsDrPoe: All About Mortgages

Recently I finished the book I'll be presenting for the next Reading Review, "All About Mortgages: Insider Tips to Finance or Refinance Your Home" by Julie Garton-Good.


While finance isn't my cup of tea, I enjoyed reading this book.  It was well written and in a question and answer format that (paired with the index) made finding specific topics easy.  Throughout the text, Ms. Garton-Good inserts a multitude of websites where more information about policies and procedures can be found as well as charts, tables, and worksheets for quick personal application of the material discussed.  The book contains detailed information on a multitude of mortgage topics, including VA loan programs and tips for mortgage holders who find themselves falling behind on payments.

I definitely learned a good bit about mortgages from this book; however, I think I may have been better off beginning with something a bit less technical (like "Mortgages for Dummies"...which unfortunately is only available at my local library in audiobook).  Another thing to keep in mind about this book is that, since the copyright date of the third edition is 2004, some of the advice/tips presented may be a bit risky considering the current state of the housing market.

I would recommend this book to people with mid-level knowledge of real estate and mortgages who also understand their financial situation well enough to apply or avoid the appropriate "insider tips."

Do you have any mortgage book recommendations?


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