Friday, December 16, 2011

MrsDrPoe: "And Above All The Bustle You'll Hear..."

Happy Foto Friday to you all!  The past weeks have been busy for Mr. Poe and me (more on that next FF); although, since my computer had to be sent off for repair, I had actually had some spare time...

When Mr. Poe and I were planning our wedding (years ago), we decided that I would make my bridesmaids dresses as my gift to them and I would make vests and ties for Mr. Poe and his groomsmen as gifts to them.  I finished the dresses and had started Mr. Poe's vest (from the leftover satin from my gown) when we found out that vests and ties came free with the tuxes we had chosen to rent for the gents in our bridal party.  Needless to say, since there were a million other wedding details to be working on (not to mention setting up a new apartment, graduating, and starting grad school), the vest went on the back burner...until now.  I finally finished and made a tie to go along with it:

So now if you see Mr. Poe with a little more swag than usual, you'll know why.  I also had time to add some length to one of my favorite dresses that hasn't been out of the closet in years:

And in case you didn't know, Mr. Poe loves to build things.  Since we didn't have finals to cram for this year, he designed a gingerbread mansion for us to build:

I think he did a great job...even without using as much of my dough as he wanted to.  We plan to make this a new holiday tradition, so be on the lookout for next year's design!


  1. Wonderful! It's nice to create without the computer once in a while, isn't it? (We don't want everything to be virtual!) I love your clever creations, and that you came back to the vest and tie and the short dress. The gingerbread mansion is spectacular!

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. @Denise Krebs Thanks, Denise! It certainly is nice to be able to accomplish things without sitting at the computer. Merry Christmas to you as well!!