Friday, March 16, 2012

MrsDrPoe: Spring Break in Memphis

This Foto Friday I'd like to share with you my "spring break" in Memphis.  Mrs. Luke flew down to the big city last Friday, and Saturday we drove over to visit the fam for a few days.  Sunday for lunch we went to Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken:

Layla played with the only dog in our family that likes her, Bullet when we got back:

And I took a nap with the Old Gray Wiener Dog:

Monday, we had lunch at Leonard's Pit Barbecue:

Checked out the largest Bonsai nursery in the country:

Walked along the Mississippi:

And caught "Born to Be Wild" at the Pink Palace's Imax: 

Tuesday we went to the zoo, and Mr. Wolgemuth took Mrs. Luke and me out for dinner at Mr. P's Buffalo Wings:

Mrs. Luke and I came back Wednesday, and she left us today.  It was a very good (and busy) visit!


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