Friday, June 24, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Campus Snapshots

Happy Foto Friday, all! At the beginning of this week, I journeyed to Starkville, MS, home of the MSU Bulldogs (and former home of the Poes). I truly miss seeing *MSU* bulldogs all over the place, like the one outside the union:

And I miss the beauty of the campus at sunset. The tower in the background is part of the Chapel of Memories, where Mr. Poe proposed to me oh so many years ago:

I also miss my cubical office, which I never thought I would; although, it's probably more the processing speed I miss than the actual cube. Of course you can't mention Starkville without mentioning the wonderful people who reside there...people Mr. Poe and I love and miss very much.

Going back to Starkville is like going home.


  1. yes going to Starkville is like going home. I agree. I miss Starkville and a lot of people that are there!!