Thursday, June 9, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Spiritual Summer Challenges Update

Good morning all! To start this Theology Thursday off, I'd like to update you on our progress with the family mission statement and summer Bible reading challenges I discussed a few weeks ago. The reading is going well; I've adapted one of the plans for myself, and it was worked out great thus far. Mr. Poe and I have also finished our family mission statement! Grammatically, it's a bit simplistic, but I love the symmetry:

We are the Poes.

We serve the Lord, Jehovah.
We serve our neighbors.
We serve each other.

As Poes we multiply words,
but we prefer numbers.

We are growing.
We are content.
We are blessed.

We are the Poes.

Have you accepted the challenges? How are you progressing?


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