Monday, July 18, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Kroger and Target Deals, 7/18

I'd like to conclude Money Monday with some deals I came across today while picking up dog food and groceries.

The mega event from last week is still going on at your neighborhood Kroger. You can see all the deals here; I was particularly excited about 28 oz cans of Kroger tomatoes for $0.59 cents. They make great salsa!

I went here to pick up some food for Monster because it was on sale. While walking down an aisle, I saw a lady with a cart FULL of water guns; I thought to myself, "There's a clearance aisle with some good deals on it!" So I found the aisle where summer items were 80% off- water guns ($0.79), sidewalk chalk ($0.59), red plastic bowls ($0.79), aluminum water bottles ($0.99), and plastic drink dispensers ($1.19). Aside from the clearance aisle, I also found a good deal on Ziploc containers with a printable coupon on Target's website...and there's even more deals here.


  1. Water gun fight. We'll use the sidewalk chalk like grenades.

  2. @MR2Poe I don't know about the whole "grenade" thing ;)