Friday, September 30, 2011

MrsDrPoe: I Promise I'm Leaving This Time...

Many days have come and gone, and once again Foto Friday has arrived.  Last week, I posted about my home away from home, Starkville, Mississippi...this week I'll share some more pictures from my trip because I'm still here (oh the joys of research).

My simulations and I have had a love-hate relationship this week, as in they've loved to hate me:

Every time I thought some progress has been made, the results look terrible- I've planned to leave town every day this week (literally).  But thankfully I've had good company despite my difficulties.  My good friend Ms. K. Davis was kind enough to come to the HPC2 so I wouldn't be working alone at night:

One day I saw this car on campus, and it reminded me of Mr. Poe:

I wanted to run home immediately, but I couldn't.  One day soon I'll make it back to my home, my husband, and my dogs...but until then, you can just call me...Brett Favre.


  1. Good luck on your research! It sounds like you have a good attitude, despite the troubles.


  2. @Denise Krebs Thanks Denise! Finally made it home Friday night.