Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Davis Family

For the next edition of Poes' Pals, I'd like you to meet the Davis Family:

We visit the Davis family every time we go to Starkville.  They are fantastic people, and we love them very much!  Mr. G. Davis and Mrs. Davis just built a beautiful house that they allowed me to invade during my last business trip to MSU.  Mr. Poe and I have greatly appreciated their example and advice; they are wonderful Christians who have raised some great kids.

Ms. K. Davis is one of our dearest friends (and our "adopted" sister and daughter).  She helped us move to Atlanta and has been on many a road trip with us; we talk almost daily.  We hope to persuade her to join us in Georgia when she graduates in Graphic Design from State in December.  Ms. M. Davis is such a sweetie as well- during my two week stay, we shared many a breakfast, car ride and evening together.  She just started her first year in pre-nursing at State this fall, and we know she will make an excellent nurse!  Mr. J. Davis is like a brother to us.  He and Mr. Poe love to talk sports, and we all love to trade jabs and jokes when we get together.

As with the Holleys, we suggest you take some time to visit the Davis family next time you're in the Starkville area- we certainly look forward to it!


  1. We love you, MrsDrPoe! Thanks for all the sweet things you said about us. You make it easy to be good to you! :)