Friday, June 17, 2011

MrsDrPoe: First Roses of the Season

Mr. Poe and I have a thing with flowers - we don't buy cut bouquets because they die. So we save money by getting live plants. We bought this little rose bush right before we got married (almost 3 years ago...). It has finally decided to produce some blooms! Aren't they pretty?

How are your gardens progressing?


  1. I do the same thing! I hate buying bouquets of flowers (regardless of how pretty they may be) because they die and it seems sad to me. So, a couple of years ago I decided to start buying potted plants for gifts instead of bouquets. I usually 'decorate' the pot with ribbon or a touch of paint, and it always seems to go over well. Plus, I feel much more environmentally-friendly this way and my conscience is clear :)

  2. @Betsy I'm glad we're not the only ones! That's a great gift idea- I'll have to keep it in mind. :)