Friday, June 17, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Which came first- the chicken or the egg?

In answer to the title question, I'd have to say the chicken based on the Biblical account of creation; however, this afternoon we'll actually be looking at eggs...specifically, how to crack them using one hand.

First, holding the egg in your predominant hand as shown below, tap it gently on the side of a bowl, the counter, or the edge of the counter (wherever you typically tap your eggs):

Only a small crack is necessary to pull the egg apart. Once the crack is made:

place your thumb on one side of the crack and your middle finger on the opposite side of the crack. Your index finger should rest lightly on the top of the egg:

After your fingers are placed, rotate your wrist such that the crack is facing downward (into the bowl). Gently apply pressure to the crack with your thumb and index finger (expanding it) while simultaneously pulling the top of the egg up and away from your palm with your thumb and index fingers. After the egg drops into the bowl, the shell should look like this in your hand:

Practice one-handed cracking in a small bowl until you get a feel for it to ensure that shell doesn't end up in whatever you're baking. Now get crackin'!


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