Friday, July 29, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Sascha's Story

Good morning all! Since we talked about our youngest "daughter" a few weeks ago, I thought it would be only fair to talk about our oldest one on this Foto Friday:

Sascha's story starts several semesters ago. Mr. Poe and I had been dating for nearly two years, and, while we weren't engaged at that time, we were planning to get married. One of the things that we often talked about was having a dog; I really wanted a Dachshund of my own (I love the ones my parents had/have very much), and Mr. Poe thought that starting off small was a sensible option. Although we decided we wouldn't get one until we said "I do," I spent some of my spare time looking through local animal shelter websites for a pup. It was during a random search of the Corinth Alcorn County Humane Society's website that I saw this pitiful picture:

It was love at first sight. I showed Ryan, my parents, my siblings, my current roommate, my future roommate...basically anyone who would look at it. After several days of looking, talking, and praying, Mr. Poe decided to adopt Sascha for me as an anniversary present. We drove up to Corinth to pick her up. She was "on the mend" from heart worm treatments, with tremendously sad, lifeless eyes; on the way home she would duck like she was about to get hit every time we went under an overpass. We didn't know much about the (approximately) two-year old's history, but the folks at the shelter thought she might have been involved in some sort of puppy mill.

She spent the first few months of her life as a Wolgemuth/Poe with Mama and Papa Wolgemuth (I was interning at Penn State). Mama Wolgemuth gave her lots of loving and treats, and when I returned, she was a changed pup...full of life and very happy:

Although she has a very cat-like personality (i.e. an attitude of "I'll come see you if I want to"), Sascha is a loving dog. She's sweet and playful, and she has brought tremendous joy to our lives. Her antics are crazy, and she always makes me laugh:

We love our little Snoosh, and we are so thankful we adopted her! Feel free to share some of your pet adoption stories!


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