Friday, May 13, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Another Week Gone By

So nothing much has happened since last Friday, with the exception of last weekend's events. Last Saturday, Jady Copeland came down from NYC to teach at the annual Youth Forum at EH. He went through chapters 1-6 of Zechariah - he made some great connections between the passages and the coming of Christ. Even through we were the oldest folks there, we learned a lot, and we got to meet a lot of younger brothers and sisters. We also attended a graduation celebration for our three high-school senior members.

Afterwards, since we were dressed up with no place to go...we decided to go on a date to Red Robin...

And Ashley Park, where we went into a really cool candy store:

and a store that sold all kinds of teaching material. We found this particular book a bit interesting:

Apparently Little Golden Books finds gouged out eyes too graphic for children.

Sunday we relaxed between services and ate a pretty great meal...
After evening services, Mr. Poe and I ran with a very special friend of ours (more on her later). Snoosh (Sascha) got tired just thinking about running:


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