Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MrsDrPoe: The Hollands

Howdy! I've decided to add another aspect to the blog: Poe's Pals. Periodically I'll post a profile of some of Mr. Poe and my friends from near and far. For the first profile I present to you...the Hollands:

We have known Mr. and Mrs. Holland for a long time. Mr. Poe works with Mr. Holland, and Mrs. Holland, Mr. Holland (junior) and I often hang out and do our grocery shopping together:

Mr. Holland (junior) doesn't care too much for shopping. He prefers eating, sleeping, playing and being cute:

The Hollands also have some furry babies...Moo:

and Isis:

The Hollands are basically fantastic people (obviously we think so or we wouldn't hang out with them so much). They love the Lord, and they are continually striving to learn more about Him and to do the things that the Bible commands us to do. They were instrumental in our transition to the Atlanta area, providing both encouragement and useful information.

(Again probably obviously) I spend more time with Mrs. Holland and Mr. Holland (junior), so I know them best. Mrs. Holland has been so gracious and understanding in helping me get used to children. I didn't grow up around many kids younger than myself, so I have been a bit anxious about my ability as a future mother (Lord willing) to care for my children. After spending a significant amount of time with this family, I feel much more prepared for the task. So Mrs. Holland and Mr. Holland (junior)- I and my future children thank you so much for your help!

Mrs. Holland is also one of the most patient and laid back people I know (although she doesn't think she is). It is so nice to talk to her when I'm frazzled! Like on Tax Day this year - I had an issue with my return and had to run into the local IRS office to fix it. Mrs. Holland and Mr. Holland (junior) journeyed with me into the heart of the city to deal with my problem. I don't think I could've gotten through the ordeal without her aura of calm sitting beside me! And when Mr. Holland (junior) cries in his car seat during our grocery trips, she simply croons "'s ok little man." I haven't had experience in this area, but knowing myself, it will be a struggle to act so patiently!

Mr. Holland (junior) is also one of the best babies I've ever seen! He's super cute, is relatively easy to pacify, and seems very attentive and intelligent (with an engineer dad and an English whiz mom how can you not be??). He has been growing by leaps and bounds since we first met him. I hope that my future children are as cute and well-behaved as he is!


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