Saturday, May 14, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Fun with Nicknames

I love nicknames. I have about a million for my dogs, my family and my friends. Most of them rhyme with the name itself or with another nickname. And of course they evolve...that's what makes them fun. When I remember that we used to call Sascha "Sushi" it reminds me of when we first got her and she stayed with my parents for a summer while I was at Penn State for an internship. My brother's girlfriend at the time really liked Japanese food, so the name stuck. See? Fun memories.

Mr. Poe is not a big fan of multiple nicknames for the same person/animal.

One of my good friends decided last night that she would call me her baby's "ex-lax". Apparently every time that I've been around him recently he has had massive diaper messes. Definitely different- but I'll take it. Just call me Aunt E for short. :)


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