Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MrsDrPoe: Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Happy What's for dinner Wednesday, I'm actually "cheating" in that this recipe was actually made for lunch on Sunday. It was pretty tasty though, and I'm sure we'll be making it again soon (but not too soon for possibly obvious reasons). This recipe was also adapted from the back of a Knorr Rice Sides Buffalo Chicken flavor package (serves 4).

The ingredients: 1 package Knorr Rice Sides Buffalo Chicken flavor, 3/4 bottle of Moore's Buffalo sauce, 1/4 cup onion (thinly sliced), 1/2 cup green bell pepper (thinly sliced), 1Tbs olive oil, 1.5 cups cooked and diced chicken* (not shown), flour tortillas (not shown).

Prepare rice in a 2 qt saucepan according to directions on the back of the package.

Place oil, onions and peppers in a small skillet and saute on med-high till onions are translucent and peppers are slightly softened.

Turn the burner down to low, and add the cooked chicken* and buffalo sauce to the cooked veggies. Stir to coat.

Once the rice is finished cooking, place a tortilla on a plate. Layer the rice and then the chicken mixture on top. As an afterthought I wouldn't recommend this much filling in a single taco ;). Add sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese if desired.

Wrap and serve. This one was Mr. Poe's, and it was so big that he had to eat it with a fork. Mine was smaller and easier to handle.

*I had some left over empanada filling (cooked chicken (~1 cup), corn (~1/2 cup) and cheddar cheese (~1/4 cup)) that I used instead of cooking more chicken.


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